PureCyberpunk Site Updates

purecyberpunk site updates

It’s been a while since we took a good look at some of the stats on the PureCyberpunk site and there were some things needing correcting.

After the 1.5 patch drop a while ago there were stat and name changes on a lot of the Perks which needed to be updated here. Some had been updated but not all so apologies for the delay in getting those done but now everything should be up to date.

We thought it would be fitting to try and get some of the data finished off before another update drops which could be as early as next week with any luck. We’re not sure whether the coming updates will be more balance fixes or new content but either way we need to keep things in tip-top shape when it comes to stats or changes in these sections:

If there is anything else you spot around the site that could do with a check let us know in the comments. When the next update drops any changes should be added quickly.

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