Secretlab Cyberpunk 2077 chairs available now

A couple of days ago Secretlab teased their Cyberpunk 2077 gaming chairs. Today they have gone on sale for the first time but will you splash out for one at these prices?

The new limited edition chair comes in two forms, the Titan or Omega and which one to go for depends on what seat base you prefer or your height.

The Omega comes in at £379 and the Titan at £429 ($449/$489). These chairs do not come cheap but they are incredibly stylish. However, you are paying for that style because non-branded Secretlab chairs come in at around $349 and $399 for the different versions.

I have never used a Secretlab chair so I can’t comment on whether it’s worth paying the premium. As there is currently limited stock, it will be the real die-hard fans collecting everything Cyberpunk 2077 who will be going for these.

The seated can be purchased here.

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