Watch Night City Wire and quick analysis

Night City Wire has now wrapped up and there’s a lot to digest from the show. There was a new trailer, more gameplay information, a detailed look at Braindance and more.

First of all, if you missed Night City Wire Live then do watch the complete show which starts with a new trailer called The Gig which is the first video below.


There are two main points to pick up on from the show. First of all, and we have had hints of this already, there is effectively another zone to play in, the Badlands. This zone surrounds the main play area of Night City but it’s not an empty wasteland, there will be things to do there. The Badlands are inhabited by the Nomads, think Mad Max.


The second reveal was the Braindance game mechanics. This was probably the most interesting part of the presentation today because it opens up a whole new way of storytelling. As V’s story progresses, these Braindances could come in useful when carrying out some detective work on a mission.

Players will be able to view a scenario from a third-person view and examine, in detail, the environment where the scene takes place. Being able to pause and replay a scene while moving around within it has been brilliantly implemented giving the player control of what they want to see and examine.

There will be numerous Braindance scenarios but they did not go into much detail on the number or how integral these will be to progression.

The footage that was shown today is really just the prologue from the game, the very early stuff. CD Project is still keeping the really juicy stuff under wraps.


On a side note the new Anime series Cyberpunk Edgerunners will be coming to Netflix with new characters and new stories. This is the same studio that created Kill la Kill, Studio Trigger. The anime announcement was a nice surprise but we’ll have to wait until 2022.

cyberpunk edgeruners

With more of these Night City Wire shows still to come, no doubt more will be revealed as we head toward November. For more detail on stuff that wasn’t shown here, check out the list of press previews.

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