All the Phantom Liberty Iconic Weapons and Locations

Phantom Liberty Iconic Weapons and Locations

I set out to thoroughly enjoy the game from start to finish and it was a cracking experience, one the best expansions I have had the pleasure of playing. Since then I have been busy working on bits and pieces of site sections including the Iconic weapons and locations page.

While many of you may have finished the game and possibly replayed it, there are many things to discover. With that in mind, you may have missed some of the iconic weapons depending on which story arcs you took.

A new page is up with all the iconic weapons with tips and complete video walkthroughs for all the weapons. It took some time and a lot of save loading to get these so I hope these are useful for some players.

Over the coming days, more content is being added/updated along with more video guides which are also on our Youtube channel.

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